The Illusion of Inclusion
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Have you been, or are you currently in a Vice President or higher-level position, and willing to share "your story" about your inclusion (or lack of inclusion) on your team?  Involves completing a questionnaire and potentially doing a 45-60 minute follow-up interview, or possibly participating in a “virtual” on-line moderated discussion.  You would be anonymous to others who are participating.  Your name, organization, etc. would not be included in any publication.

Executive Teams

Are you interested in having your executive team participate?  The Executive Team includes the highest ranking executive of the organization.   All members of the team must participate.  The team must include at least three members who are women/racial/ethnic minorities.  Commitment involves each team member completing an on-line survey that requires about 15 minutes.  The team needs to provide a contact person to assist with coordination and communication.  Your organization’s name would not be included in any publication.  

Benefits of Participating

For individuals, your story and survey responses will assist others in understanding the “subtle signals” of real inclusion, as well as the things that they can do to proactively include themselves.

For executive teams, participation alone is thought-provoking and provides new insights about yourself and/or your team. You will learn what to look for and what questions you need to be asking to better understand how inclusive your organizational culture really is.  You will be contributing to the next important body of research in the Diversity & Inclusion field – how to create a truly inclusive work environment in order to leverage differences of all kinds as a source of strength and competitive advantage. 

Individuals and teams will receive a copy of research results.

Trends reveal lower inclusion scores for:

  •           women and people from different racial/ethnic backgrounds
  •           those with fewer years of service and/or younger team members
  •           team members born in other countries

Please send an email to with "Illusion of Inclusion" in the subject line if you are interested in: 

  • using TIP for one or more teams in your organization
  • participating in ongoing research (individually or as a team) 
  • having a presentation on "The Illusion of Inclusion" for a conference, leadership retreat, or internal diversity-related forum
  • learning more about the Team Interaction Profile
    and/or Illusion of Inclusion research
  • being on our mailing list for future publications, webinars, locations of speaking events, etc.

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