Informal Communication

The Illusion of Inclusion
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About The Team Interaction Profile(TIP)

 Why TIP is Important:
  • Just as x-rays and MRI's are used to diagnose what is going on inside the body, TIP diagnoses what is going on within a team.
  • Informal networks play a vital role in sharing knowledge and wisdom, especially from more experienced team members to those who are younger and/or less experienced.
  • Relationships among team members have a direct impact on individual and team performance.
  • Higher collaboration is more likely to occur when team members feel a strong sense of inclusion with others on their team.  
  • Breakthrough insights occur at the intersection of ideas, concepts and cultures.  However, teams need to reduce barriers to inclusion in order to leverage all differences to achieve innovation and high performance.  
What TIP Reveals:
  • Patterns of interaction and communication among team members
  • Team strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • If members of the team are objectively and statistically less included on their team OR are not proactively including themselves.  Inclusion is a two-way street!
Both team results and individual reports are available.

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